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I have a confession. Sometimes, I can’t stand my kitchen. And constantly scrolling through pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of kitchens that are big, bright and beautiful doesn’t help one bit. It can really make a person feel like their kitchen won’t ever measure up unless a wall is torn down, cabinets are put in to the ceiling, or an island is put in.

Now, by no means, do I think my kitchen is terrible. No not at all. It works and does it’s job and it isn’t hideous. Though, I have wanted to update this kitchen since moving in. And now that our dishwasher leaked it’s sort of has pushed that want into it’s time to do it.

Would you change anything about your kitchen? I’m dreaming of soft closed doors and drawers since ours clank around and can be slammed shut. Also, this house lacks ample storage space and the kitchen is no exception to that. So, when a previous owner put in metal pull outs, while a good idea, it took away space for storage. I gave so much of my kitchen items to Goodwill and Salvation Army due to the lack of storage when we moved in!

They say putting your money in your kitchen has shown to be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Have you guys looked into getting your kitchen renovated? It’s astounding at how expensive a project can be. Even when you are just replacing the cabinets and countertops.

We have been thinking we would add cabinetry to what is intended to be used as a breakfast nook. This will help to solve one of the issues with this house, being the lack of storage space. Also, since the ceilings are 10 ft, using 42″ upper cabinets instead of the 30″ cabinets we currently have will not only look nice, they’ll add more storage space.

I am finding that the biggest hold up with actually beginning a kitchen remodel isn’t even that I would lose the use of the kitchen. It’s actually the cost. Quite a few of the companies we met with to get an estimate have been pushing us to get rid of the peninsula and put in an island and/or tear down the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.

You don’t have to have an open floor plan to have a beautiful home. It is possible to make a home “too” open. Oh, and a kitchen with an island is very nice but don’t just put one in to put it in.

So, what if you have a limited budget or what if you’re just not wanting to spend a lot to update your kitchen. I mean no offense to those who gave us quotes, but I just can’t see myself ever spending the averaged $26,000 to just replace the cabinets. Oh, and no that doesn’t include them removing the existing cabinets and countertops.

Perhaps because we recently looked at homes, I think as long as your kitchen looks nice and clean, no one is going to care entirely to see who made the cabinets or where they came from.

One evening while scrolling through Pinterest, I noticed an advertisement for various companies that sale pre-assembled cabinets and ready to assemble cabinets. It got my gears going and I started watching YouTube videos on how to install cabinets.

You probably think I’m crazy and possibly I am and I’m being over confident in my ability to do this job, but I really think my husband and I can do this. I mean we know how to use a drill, how hard can it be?

We plan on doing the demo ourselves, as far as getting rid of the existing countertops and cabinets go. We may have to call in someone to take down the bar top and make the peninsula one height.

We have decided to test this out and document everything. Also, to help any of you out there that may be considering this route. This way you can know if someone whom has absolutely no experience can really do something like this. And if so, what and how they did it.

We’re in the design and exploring companies phase right now. I’m trying to get as much information on as many companies as I can and I’ll share what I find out with you.

A lot of of these companies I’m finding offer samples which I highly recommend you getting. This way you can touch and compare and see what you would actually be buying. That’s where we are in this stage. It’s beginning to get very exciting.

Stay tuned and check out my instagram @jessicasmith.319, where I’ll post more in the moment pictures and ask for advice when it comes to picking out options such as cabinet style, color, hardware, light fixtures, and more .

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