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It’s interesting for me to think about it,  but I bought my entire living room furniture and decor thus far online. I did not get a chance to try anything out or feel the quality, or lack there of, for what I was choosing to buy.

The living room is a fairly important room that is frequently used in your home. When guests come over they are going to, hopefully, make themselves comfortable in your living room. And for you after you have had a long day perhaps at work, you’re going to want to make yourself comfortable on your couch and perhaps watch a movie or even read a book. I am more of a reader myself.

So, you are going to want to choose your furniture for your living room wisely. Well, when my husband and I began our quest to furnish our living room, we had no idea how difficult it would be. We decided to begin with getting our back door furnished with drapery.

Investing in window treatments such as drapery is a very smart investment. The drapery in our case, is going to help keep our house cooler especially when no one is home and keeping out the afternoon sun from warming up the home and using more energy to keep our house at the set temperature.

Now, we have never installed drapes or the hardware for them before, but it is super easy. You just need to take your time and measure everything and I would suggest double checking your measurements.

I purchased the drapery hardware and drapes from Pottery Barn recently though, I have seen similar drapes on Joss and Main.  The drapes I purchased have a backlight lining which I would recommend getting if you want your house to stay dark. They keep all the light outside.

Well, since we are in the process of remodeling and buying furniture for our home, we are trying to be very budget friendly with every purchase we make. We have figured our kitchen remodeling expenses for the most part and we want to have our living room furnished before starting the process of the kitchen remodel.

Choosing furniture and decor for this room has been tough to say the least. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted a sectional that was very light in color. We also did not want to spend a ton of money on a sectional when our daughters are still so young and accidents happen.

It took us many months of searching and visiting stores before deciding to look at online retailers. Due to the price difference and after seeing the quality that was at various local furniture stores such as Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture, my husband and I decided to give Joss and Main a try.

I am so happy we did! If you are on a tight budget but are also needing new furniture, I highly recommend checking out Joss and Main and the entire Wayfair family. Click here to be taken to this same sectional that I ordered. Just read reviews and use your best judgement when it comes to choosing furniture online. You truly can come across items that are good quality at an excellent price point.

In addition to the sectional, we purchased a coffee table from Joss and Main. For what we got the value is definitely there. Shipping went well too!


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