Travel Ideas | A Day at Disney with a 3 month old

You read that right! And yes, we did take both of our girls to Disney World when they were just 3 months old. And you can do it too!

In all seriousness, from my personal experience, it’s super easy to do when they’re younger compared to when they are older. Plus, children under 3 years of age, get in for free! Though, I will say after a brief tough period (hello terrible 2’s) now that my oldest will be turning 3 in October, she seems to be getting easier when we take her to the parks. I think she was missing her nap time.

While I think that all the Disney Parks are great ideas to go to, Magic Kingdom is maybe the best choice when you are taking smaller children. There is a lot going on in all areas of the park and it is more geared to younger children.

I have to applaud Disney when it comes to providing care for infants. They have everything you could possibly need to care for your smaller child in case you do forget. There are baby care stations all around the park where they provide food, formula, diapers, wipes, etc. You can even breast feed your baby in privacy and in the AC!

I recommend you try and get to the park early that way you can experience as much as possible before the heat gets too hot especially if you will be traveling with a much younger child like we did with our 3 month old. Also, just before the park officially opens each morning, there is a short opening that is a neat experience I never knew about until we went with our first born the very first time. We got there a little too early, but it turned out to be a good thing and the show is definitely something to experience at least once.

In case you are unaware, to get to Magic Kingdom, it sort of is a 2 step process. You will first park your vehicle in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, then take either the monorail or a ferry over to the actual park. I recommend taking the ferry. It’s been a fun experience each time and seems to be less crowded.

The great thing about taking your child when they are in the younger age group, is you get to see a different side to Disney. Or at least that was the case with me. When I was growing up, I don’t remember going to Disney and walking around the shops much. In case you aren’t aware my family would go to Disney at least once a month for many, many years. We were mainly interested in getting to the “coolest” attractions. And while there are rides that you are not able to get on with your little one, there are still many attractions that you can! Probably quite a bit more than you think you may be able to.

For the rides, I highly recommend utilizing the Fastpass + option. It will really help when it comes to cutting down on waiting times for the rides and keeping your little one less fussy.

Besides the rides/attractions, Magic Kingdom has interactive scavenger hunts set up in areas of the park, such as in Adventureland. I never knew about this until being much more relaxed and having more time to check out what all Disney World has to offer. It was a fun little activity for us to do together as a family.

Magic Kingdom also has parades that go on throughout the day and there are so many characters set up around the park that you can go and meet and get a picture. If the line is not too long I would suggest stopping by for a photo to remember the moment. I love looking back at old photos from when I was very young and my parents took me to Disney World.

Another enjoyable thing we did, was walking around the shops they have all over the park. There are so many different and neat things to see regardless if you are purchasing anything from there or not. It is definitely worth a look and if you go during the summer time, it is a nice AC break from the Florida heat. They have everything from jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, and candy shops to name a few.

As far as meals go for at Disney, it can get quite expensive. While fountain water is complimentary, I highly recommend bringing a cooler with drinks for you and your baby along with a handful of snacks. We have even packed lunchables and other lighter meals with us with intentions of leaving the park earlier and then going for an early dinner outside the park.

When we do eat inside the park, my husband and I will usually share a meal from one of the restaurants. We’ve done it now a handful of times and it has been enough for us to share and feel satisfied. We would take advantage of when our daughter took her nap to eat lunch. It made it a more relaxing experiencing for us.

On our way out of the Magic Kingdom park, we like stopping at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street and sharing a sundae before leaving for the day and heading back home. It is the perfect ending to a great day spent at Disney.

To summarize, if you were thinking of taking your younger child/infant to Disney World, I say go for it! Just plan a little as far as bringing plenty of diapers/wipes, cooler filled with drinks and snacks, sunscreen, poncho, stroller, and maybe even a baby carrier. Those are really the only things that I feel are a must.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos, you and your children are going to want to look back at them when you all are older. Also, just relax and enjoy the experience.


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