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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are doing great this morning. My family and I are on the road right now for a short weekend holiday out of town. I can hardly wait to tell you all about where we are going and what we did while there!

Presently, for the status of our house projects, my husband and I have been looking into paint colors to get ready to start painting and doing a little minor updating in our laundry room. I am so excited to begin this project as this room has not been touched since the house was first built 15 years ago! There is a wallpaper trim running along the perimeter of the room showing clothes hanging on wire blowing in the wind. So, what I have planned for this room, is going to be a good improvement overall.

Since we have been researching and looking at different paints at Sherwin William’s, it has reminded me that there are so MANY different gray paint colors and depending on the room that you are painting will dictate the way the paint shows in that room.

It’s reminding me that it can be such an overwhelming task choosing a paint color. So, I decided to share with you the colors that I have painted in our home thus far and also the paint colors we are choosing between to paint our laundry room.

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Gray has turned out to be a favorite color to use in painting our home. There’s so many options out there and variations and I feel as long as you choose a neutral toned one you can’t go wrong. I feel that its going to be a good timeless and modern choice for your house if you are looking into painting.

The first paint shade of gray I am going to tell you about is Sherwin William’s Silverplate. We used this shade in what is intended to be a formal living room, however,  we have changed it be our “open door” office as I am calling it.

Sherwin William’s Silverplate

As you can see in the photo above, SW Silverplate is a very good neutral toned grey paint shade. It provides a perfect example of how certain grey paints can look different from each other and choosing the right one can make a huge difference.

The other color is the one already mentioned, SW Agreeable Gray. Agreeable Gray is a fairly neutral grey will a slight warm undertone whereas silver-plate has a very neutral grey paint color with a cool undertone to it.

For roughly half of my home, I used Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray. Now, Agreeable Gray has more of a warm undertone in it. However, it still looks like a neutral gray. It is one of my favorite colors we have used in this house. I think its a nice perfect neutral gray that still offers a bit of warmth to our house.


As you can see in the photos above, depending on how much natural light your room has, will dictate the tone and how the gray paint looks in the room. Either way, it is a beautiful neutral gray with a bit of a brown undertone that keeps it from being too over the top gray in my opinion.

For the bedrooms, I used Sherwin William’s Repose Gray. This is my second most favorite gray shade of paint that we have used thus far. I think it is such a beautiful cool toned shade of gray. In my home it offers a light and airy feel to the room.

SW Repose Gray


For our bathrooms, I use Sherwin William’s Light French Gray. Light French Gray is a very true gray in my opinion. When I think of picking the gray crayon out of a coloring box, that is what Light French Gray reminds me. Our bathroom does have a lot of natural light that comes in and it is a beautiful gray shade. I have decided to change the cabinets and color to possibly a more light taupe/brown color in the future and I will be changing the wall color in the bathrooms. I am going to do this to help offset all the gray in the house, and I may actually go with a shade of white for the bathrooms in the future when we do remodel them.

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray


In our laundry room, we have narrowed our choices down to Sherwin William’s Pussywillow or Sherwin William’s Modern Gray. We are leaning more towards SW Modern Gray. This is because there are no windows in the laundry room and we feel that SW Modern Gray will help keep it lighter versus going with SW Pussywillow that will potentially add to the darkness already in our laundry room.

Do you have a favorite Sherwin William’s gray shade of paint color? Let me know which one or either if you would choose either of the shades we are considering below.


So, to summarize, shades of gray are a great option to consider for painting the walls in your home. Depending on the shade and that shades undertone that you choose, it can be a classic yet modern paint shade in my opinion.

If you are considering on painting your home with any of the colors mentioned, or any shade of paint, I highly recommend going to your local paint store and getting swatches. This way you can see first hand how the color will look in the room you are planning to paint.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has given you some insight into the painting world and perhaps even inspired you to try a shade of gray.

Have a great day and I will see you in my next post!

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16 thoughts on “Home Improvement | House of Gray

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  1. Hi there, I love your flooring!! Is it slick tile or have a grip to it? We have young kiddos and dogs and want something they won’t constantly slip or slide on😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, fortunately there is texture throughout the tile that offers resistance when water is on it. My husband and I, and our kids, have yet to slip on this flooring. The tile in our bathroom is different and what the house came with, but We are constantly slipping in there. When we go to change that tile out, I will definitely be looking for something with resistance to prevent slipping.


      1. Thank you for getting back to me! 🙂 where did you purchase this tile? Is there retailers? Or online only?


  2. I just came across your post and we finished remodeling our flooring, kitchen, dining and living room (all open space). The paint color we used seems just a bit dark called gray sage and now want to change it to something lighter that compliments our oak gray flooring. My thoughts are moving more towards the SW Silverlight, just not sure, cabinets are white. from your pictures, it looked like the flooring might be of a gray tone but just noted it is pecan beige. think now, i will get samples of a few different shades and see how they look in the rooms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used SW Silverplate in one of my rooms and it turned out beautiful with my flooring and the white baseboards. Depending on the lighting, my flooring can pick up more of the gray tones in it. It is so tough choosing paint colors since a lot of it depends on the room and lighting in there. If you like gray sage overall, you might can see about having the color lightened a bit and that may make a good difference. I’m sure it will turn out well, let me know!


  3. It’s beautiful! I am trying to decide between repose gray and agreeable gray. Would you happen to have a picture of your bathroom and kitchen with the walls, cabinets and flooring? We are doing a lighter wood look tile as well.


    1. Thank you, Repose Gray reminds me more a light true gray and Agreeable Gray has a hint of a warm undertone in it. When comparing them in person, Repose Gray looks gray and Agreeable Gray looks more beige-gray. I really like both of them personally. I did update the post to provide more pictures with natural light of the rooms. Thank you again and I hope it helps some, I know it was very tough choosing paint colors.


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