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Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope your morning is off to a good start. We are getting closer to the weekend! It looks like Florida is going to be spared for now by not getting hit by Florence. Fingers are crossed that continues to be the case. Unfortunately, there are predictions that the damage to the Carolina’s is going to be severe. My prayers are going out to all in any of these hurricane’s path.

Today, I wanted to share with you my family’s short road trip that we took this past weekend to the Tampa area. My husband had two consecutive days off for once and we decided we would do a short mini-vacation to Tampa and visit Dinosaur World. It was a last minute trip idea and somewhere we had never been.

We did end up leaving a little later that day than we had originally intended to. It was my fault. I had made a last minute order a few days prior for a backpack purse that I had wanted to use for this trip since I only had larger totes that I had been using. Well, now that our girls are older, I don’t need to carry as much any more and a backpack is perfect for these occasions.

So long story short, we were waiting for the UPS to deliver the bag! My husband may feel differently, but I feel it was worth the wait! I purchased this backpack/purse from Kate Spade’s website and it appears to be a new arrival. I think its a great investment handbag since it is convertible and you can change the straps to be a backpack or where it on your shoulder or wrist to name a few.


I ordered this purse from the Kate Spade website through the Ebates app and got cash back for my purchase. If you don’t already use Ebates and you do online shopping, I highly recommend you give this app a try. You can earn a percentage back on the purchases you make through the Ebates app. Please use my link here to sign up and start using the Ebates app. If you do, and make a qualifying purchases, you and I will receive a reward.

If you are in the market for a new handbag but are on more of a budget, I highly recommend you check out Amazon. Amazon has so many cute and budget friendly backpack purses available. I linked a similar one below that I love too.

Women Leather Shoulder Bag Travel Camping Backpacks Schoolbags (Black)

With my new bag hot off the delivery truck and in my lap, we took back country roads to get to Tampa and I must say it was such a nice, scenic drive. Driving through Palatka, we  saw lots of farmland and beautiful farmhouses. It got me thinking about living on a farm! It was also a much less stressful drive as compared to driving on the major interstate.

Since we did end up leaving later, once we made it to Tampa, we checked into our hotels and bought some food from Publix Supermarkets to have dinner back at the hotel room. #PubSub for the win!

After eating dinner and getting cleaned up, we watched some shows before going to sleep for the day. We woke up early the next morning and got ready for the day. We decided to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to Dinosaur World.


Driving up to Dinosaur World and initially walking in, it reminds me so much of the Jurassic Park movies. It is so creative. I think you would love this park if you have younger kids, not too much older than 13 years old.

Dinosaur World is a truly beautiful park. As we were walking around, looking at all the dinosaurs and reading their background information, it started to remind me a bit like being at the zoo. The park was very clean, set up well,  and easy to navigate around. There is a museum at the beginning that also has animatronic dinosaurs.


The even had a section dedicated to the Wooly Mammoth!


The last activity we did before leaving the park was where our girls got to “dig” for fossils. This was probably their favorite thing we did while at Dinosaur World.


Even though it turned out to be only a half day trip for us, I am so glad we were able to take our girls to see Dinosaur World. Keep in mind, with our children aged 18 months and soon to be 3 years old, we were done and ready to leave the park after about 3 hours. As we were walking out, we did notice more activities that could be done, however we decided not to come back for them. They are at certain times during the day and you are allowed to leave the park and come back.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today. I hope you enjoyed it and it inspired you to perhaps check out a different place you’ve never been nearby where you live.

Have a great day and I look forward to sharing more with you in my next post!

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