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Good morning everyone!

We have made it to Wednesday! What have you all been up to lately? This morning I am enjoying my pumpkin spice creamer and coffee. I also have been doing a bit of “Fall cleaning” in our home lately. Similar to spring cleaning, I have been getting things cleared out and giving them away to Goodwill. It actually feels good and is freeing up our closets and its so much more nicer to not have to have so many toys that our girls no longer play with hanging around the house waiting for my feet to step on them! It’s also making more room for when birthdays and the holidays come around.

This year I wanted to do a little updating with the Fall decor we had. I recently went to Michael’s and picked up a handful of items that were on sale. I love shopping there when the seasons have changed since I usually can find a wide variety of decorations at an affordable price. Let me know your thoughts!


Do you celebrate Halloween? And if so, and you have kids, what are you and your family going as? Last year, was the first year that my husband and I celebrated Halloween- as a family- and actually went trick or treating. I did not dress up and sort of just did a last minute costume for our oldest daughter.

This year, I would like my family to all go dressed up and possibly to have some sort of unifying theme with our costumes. I have been searching on Pinterest and just am not seeing anything that is sticking out. I am curious to know if you have any suggestions?

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and I look forward to sharing one of my favorite family dinners I make in my next blog post with you!

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    1. Hi, thank you! I got it from Joss and Main in the color Oakley Ivory, My link for it is, . It is super comfy but firm at the same time and I think a great buy for the price-especially when my husband and I were comparing sectionals at local furniture stores and popular chain furniture stores. Thank you again!


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