Christmas Tradition | Night of Lights

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Good morning everyone!

How are you all doing? Can you believe next week is Christmas?? Oh my goodness it is coming so fast! I am so happy because this weekend I was very busy and was able to finish up all our Christmas shopping. Now there is just the wrapping left to do.

Yesterday morning, we watched the Polar Express. It’s such a good Christmas movie especially to watch with younger kids. I was shocked my husband has never watched it until this morning.


One of our favorite Christmas traditions to do, is to go to St. Augustine and see the Night of Lights. All the stores and homes on the main tourist attraction area are decorated with Christmas lights. There is also an area filled with trees that are decorated with lights and music will play there as well. Then in the center is a tall Christmas tree decorated and presents underneath. We did not get too many photos the night we went as our girls were quite rambunctious that evening.


After we visit Night of Lights, we will go and have a family dinner at one of the local pizza places. This is such a fun and enjoyable time to spend as a family. What do you enjoy doing with your family during this time of the year?

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you in my next post!



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