Home Improvement | Living Room Interior Design

It's interesting for me to think about it,  but I bought my entire living room furniture and decor thus far online. I did not get a chance to try anything out or feel the quality, or lack there of, for what I was choosing to buy. Read on to see what I've done so far to the living room in our home!

Home Improvement|Saying Goodbye to the Formal Living Room

As times have changed in recent years with floor plans and homes, what can you do with your outdated floor plan? It makes it tough when a room that was designed and intended for one purpose you have no use for or want to use for an entirely different purpose. Tearing down walls and rebuilding an entire floor plan, is not cheap by any means.

Home Improvement | Building a Better Kitchen

I have a confession. Sometimes, I can't stand my kitchen. And constantly scrolling through pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of kitchens that are big, bright and beautiful doesn't help one bit. It can really make a person feel like their kitchen won't ever measure up unless a wall is torn down, cabinets are put in to the ceiling, or an island is put in.

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